Sylvie and Raphael Buchler

Sylvie and Raphael Buchler , Nolita store 2018

Ermine New York jewelry line was born in New York city on Spring 2013.
Ermine New York is the brainchild of two visual artists, Raphael and Sylvie, partners in life and business .
A successful career in Fashion photography brought Raphael to move with his family from Paris to New York. Sylvie studied Fine Arts at Bezalel academy of arts and was always interested in the different facets of artistic expression. Fashion and accessories were a fun way to combine textures shapes and colors.

Today Sylvie and Raphael enjoy mixing their fashion and art experience working together on limited editions of jewelry pieces made mainly of brass and plated in matte gold or in silver oxidized.
Creativity always in mind , they propose often new designs inspired spontaneously by the elements they choose to work with.

A story could start from a shape , from a chain or a stone that will go its own way like a song or a poem made of associations of words without strict rules.

The pieces live their life and will become kings or mendicants.

Ermine is an ancient name evocating an aristocratic lady and it was also the name of a cherished and inspiring grand mother.

Ermine is a beautiful and wild little animal, his white fur embellished the Renaissance royalty.
Elegance Luxury Beauty Vintage atmosphere revisited in a contemporary way are the universe of the Ermine New York line.

All the pieces are handcrafted and showcased in a gallery store on Prince street in the charming Nolita neighborhood downtown NYC.